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CyberDefender Free 1.0
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File Size: 3.4 Mb

CyberDefender Free 1.0

Publisher:CyberDefender Corp
Requirements:133 Mhz, 128 MRAM, 10MB Hard Drive
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

CyberDefender Free - Find the spyware that other antispyware programs are missing! CyberDefender Free safeguards your computer continuously, using CyberDefender’s earlyNetwork™ early defense technology. Fast comprehensive scans and quick updating ensures you are protected from new cyber-attacks before other anti-spyware can stop emerging attacks. Every PC on the earlyNetwork is on the lookout for suspicious spyware files and instantly reports them to the Early Alert Center™ where threats are analyzed. Risk levels of suspicious files are calculated and alerts sent out without delay to the entire network using a secure relay system. The network updates the CyberDefender threat database automatically. You get threat removal and quarantine when spyware is found and real-time alerts on suspicious web activity. CyberDefender Free is compatible with all other major anti-spyware products. Download peace of mind - add another layer of security today! Download CyberDefender Free now. The patent-pending technology used by CyberDefender Free features user-level monitoring for new attacks, automated threat analysis, and real-time updating once signatures have been confirmed. Fast scans protect against both new and existing Spyware and Adware. This Free Version includes non-intrusive advertising banners.

List of Changes:

Version 1.0 from 2006-08-15


Download Now
File Size: 3.4 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Media 2010-10-13 01:56:23 #
Version: 1.0

When a software is free why do we have to register later buy buying the registration key?

Hassan Ujt74 2010-05-06 09:25:08 #
Version: 1.0

CyberDefender has been installed ,but it doesn't work.I've told U about it and you've answered me to uninstall it and then install again.I've done your suggestion,but till now it doesn't work.Please send me all probabilities .

With my respect
Dr.Hassan H.David

Hoop 2009-05-24 23:57:39 #
Version: 1.0

Hi guys , the cyberdefender program seems to be working and I am happy with it
Cheers , Hoop

Apocalypticgirl 2009-01-08 14:31:56 #
Version: 1.0

Works Great for Me

I got Cyberdefender, and it worked great as a free scanner with spyware and trojan removal. If it finds a virus, you need the upgrade, which I got since I liked the speed and user interface of the scanner. The Cyberdefender anti-virus works great, and the paid version I got also came with 24/7 computer help line with my wife found helpful while I was away. I found out Cyberdefender is a NASDAQ campany and they have a great product.

Hpittard 2008-12-22 18:26:46 #
Version: 1.0

Thanks for Cyber Defender Free

My wife's computer was corrupted by a virus Malware program named av2009 which gained almost total control of her computer and would not be controlled nor would it allow itself to be deleted.

After downloading CyberDefender Free and allowing it to work, it appears that av2009 has been successfully controlled and eliminated from the computer, except for a copy of it in the Recycle Bin. I still cannot delete that file.

Thanks again, Homer Pittard

Er8dred 2008-12-08 15:52:04 #
Version: 1.0

Cyberdefender - gets a star from me

I actually use Cyberdefender, and it is a great product. I got the W32.Gamma virus on a flash drive while traveling in China, and spread it from my laptop to my home system cy8-rm00z. This is also known as the Tavo.exe virus.

Anyway, I ended up downloading the free version of Cyberdefender, and ran it. It cleaned up the W32.Gamma and a few other evil things on my program.

I noticed that the free version comes with a pop-up trying to upgrade you about once a week, but hey it's free software.

I actually bought the upgrade, which comes with a computer help line, where they will take care of any kind of a problem on your system. I did this, so when I am away, if my wife has a computer problem she has someone to contact. She used it once, and said they took care of the printer problem in about 10 minutes.

So, great stuff. I have tried AVG and PC Tools, but I like CyberDefender the best, and the paid version is really worth it.

Pavel1862 2008-07-05 05:02:47 #
Version: 1.0

Well done

The program was very easy to use. So far it is the best on the market that I have used. The performance is amazing and I was very impressed. Well done on such a great product, keep up the great work. Thank you so much, regards Paul

Derek Shaw 2008-01-03 14:25:21 #
Version: 1.0

Cyber -great.

This, for me, is an excellent program that does what it says on the tin! Every time I use it, it finds lots of unwanted nasties and gets rid of them. It has a very attractive look to it, and it's very user-friendly. Very good value for money. Maybe just a tad pricey, which did make me think twice about buying it, but a very good investment just the same. I would definately recommend it.

Blackstick 2007-05-05 21:21:09 #
Version: 1.0

uninstalled CyberDefender

Used this program for about a week. User-friendly, however slowed my computer considerably and did not pick up anything when I ran it. Used my old spyware program after uninstalling CD,and it immediately picked up 3 infections.

Download Now
File Size: 3.4 Mb